With over a decade of experiential marketing, we understand the bond between music lovers and their favorite brands. We offer a full 360-degree fan activation areas on site and in digital.
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    The mission.
    We introduce brand experiences to attendees with lasting impressions. We create on-site experiences that are engaging and give a platform to reach music lovers.
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    Our motto.
    Prime brands set out to entertain and improve the life of our attendees. We are about relevant marketing to music, lifestyle, and entertainment.
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    Commitment & community.
    We work with both local and national brands and grow their reach and give them a platform to catapult new products or services.
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    All about experience.
    On-site and digital activations like no other with creative and innovative approaches that attract attendees who will interact with the brand.
Prime is event producers, marketing gurus, and digital media creators with over ten years of experience. We create activations and digital marketing for your brand across your audiences.
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