We believe in unique experiences that create lasting memories for all genres of music lovers across all audiences, all while being socially conscious and spreading our message.
  • Festival Experience
    Plan event productions, operations, artistic direction, and installations. Our team of experience coordinator handles all talent buying, booking, and programming. Prime brands feel all branding activations and experiences. Partnerships & sponsorships and carefully created per audience.
  • Social marketing
    Our marketing gurus use state of the art marketing methods and strategies to broaden the reach of the targeted audiences. Our influencer program provides rapid growth marketing on all social media platforms.
  • Digital content
    Experiential digital content created for every brand seamlessly associated with our festivals and events. We produce creative Videos, websites, printed and digital ads with high conversion strategies for maximizing attendance.
Prime is event producers, marketing gurus, and digital media creators with over ten years of experience. We create activations and digital marketing for your brand across your audiences.
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