Prime Music Festival is a major music festival a contender in a large market. Two festival locations give us the opportunity to bring a perfect combination of hip-hop and EDM artists, making it an incredibly unique experience to our attendees.
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    Setting the Bar for Every Other Festival.
    Prime Music Festival is setting the bar to become the standard of the American electronic and hip-hop music experience and making it a staple of Midwest music culture. With humble beginnings, we are quickly turning the attention of our core attendees and beyond.
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    Make a connection.
    Festivalgoers attend two to three per year on average and 56 percent plan to attend even more in the coming year. Knowing this, Prime Music Festival is at the epicenter of several highly populated colleges in the areas that cultivated the “festival just for you” event, capitalizing on 2 precisely picked locations bringing in over 15,000 attendees per market.
The average age of our attendees is aged 18-24 with gender split almost evenly down the middle.
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